Japan's first landing! Open long-awaited November 2 (Friday) at 12-seater surreal ride type theater


The first Japanese landing VR ride type attraction facility "HEXA Ride (Hexalide)" planned and produced by Brogent Japan Entertainment Co., Ltd. (BJE) is the "Diversity Tokyo" which is the first major renewal since Friday, Plaza "will be opened. The new equipment "Q-Ride" to be introduced to "hexaRide" is the latest ride type attraction of twelve passengers aimed at linking with VR equipment. In conjunction with the head mound display that the user wears, the seat with 12 people on board moves dynamically and delicately, enjoying special floating feeling and running feeling.

The first content of this attraction is a synonymous work "Ghost in the Shell" of the world-wide near future SF being developed in various media such as cartoons, theatrical movies, TV animation and others. BJE plans and develops for "hexaRide", animation production company: original content "Produce I G" created the original content "GHOST CHASER" appeared. We will operate from the opening day.

The second bullet content is scheduled for "Advance Giant", and various experiences contents are prepared in the future.


【Popular cartoon "Ghost in the Shell" · "Advance Giant" Original Content Appears! 】
First content for hexaRide
"GHOST CHASER" Ghost in the Shell

©Masamune Shiro Production I. G / Kodansha · "Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version" Production Committee


First content for hexaRide
"GHOST CHASER" Ghost in the Shell

Venice Film Festival, Sitges International Film Festival, etc. Many film festivals are officially invited to the VR division and directed by Hiroaki Higashi Hiroaki Higashi (Voice of the VR "Ghost in the Shell" Virtual Reality Diver " stoicsence inc.) and Production IG produced images.

  • Experience start: November 2, 2018
  • Number of people experienced: 1 - 12 people
  • Experience time: about 8 minutes

story The stage is the Republic of Kuzan. The defense minister who attends the adjustment conference of the next generation weapons will force the field visit and for the "Public Safety Section 9" with the leader of Kusanagi element, it is mandated to escort them and secure the visiting route It was. You get on Hexaride to access the Electric Brain Space and experience battle with anti-government forces that will attack as members of the Public Safety Section.

staff Original: Shiro Masamune  Director: Tohiaki To (stoicsence inc.) Screenplay: Junichi Fujisaki  Character design: Kazuya Kanase Music: Hideaki Takahashi  Sound effect: Mizuki Ito Production: Production I. G Production: "GHOST CHASER Ghost Cather" Production Committee Distribution: Brogent Japan Entertainment


【Introduction of "hexaRide"】

■Name of facility:「hexaRide」
■Address: Diversity Tokyo Plaza (5th floor of Aoyama 1-1-10, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135-0064)
■Dates: November 2, 2018 (Friday)
■Opening hours: 10: 00-21: 00
■Closed on: Following the pavilion
■Price: 1,000 yen per person (tax included)※ For various discounts please check HP.
■Official website: http: //www.hexaride.jp
■Other: Please check the official website for various notes and operation schedule.